The following terms and conditions (‘T&C’) are applicable upon all members of the general public within India and are of the age of 18 years and above, who are using the resource website (which includes website, mobile application, social media, etc. of  Bizease  and/or who are availing the website services/related services (collectively hereinafter referred to as ‘Services’) of Bizease in India or abroad.


"Personal information" (PI) - means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person including common identifiers such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person and any other information that is so categorized by applicable laws. We collect information about business and services and/or your usage to provide better offerings. The Personal Information that we collect, and how we collect it, depends upon how you interact with us. We collect the following categories of Personal Information in the following ways:

  • Name, email address, password, country, city, contact number, and company/organization that you are owing for alerts on the Platform;
  • Information that one would usually include in a name, contact details including email address and mobile number, business, location, services that you provide data relating to your current and past business, etc. when you register on the Platform;
  • Information about the services that you provide and how you use them, including fulfilling your requests for products and services, conducting research, customizing the advertising and content you see, and providing anonymous reporting for internal and external clients through the Platform;
  • We may collect your Personal Information such as name, age, contact details, business details, preferences, etc. through surveys and forms when you choose to participate in these surveys, etc.;
  • We may also collect information relating to your caste and information about whether you are eligible for any affirmative action programs or policies if you opt to provide such information;
  • When you communicate with or use the Platform to communicate with other Users (such as partners), we collect information about your communication and any information you choose to provide;
  • When you visit the Platform, we use cookies to automatically collect, store and use technical information about your system and interaction with our Platform;
  • When you use a device to access the Platform, may collect technical or other related information from the device as well as the device location;
  • To the extent permitted by law, may record and monitor your communications with us to ensure compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations and our internal policies. This may include the recording of telephone conversations;
  • If you choose to sign in with your social media account to access the Platform, or otherwise connect your social media account with the services of the Platform, you consent to our collection, storage, and use, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, of the information that you make available to us through the social media interface. Please see your social media provider's privacy policy and help center for more information about how they share information when you choose to connect your account.

We will only use your personal data in a fair and reasonable manner, and where we have a lawful reason to do so. Our use of your personal data depends on the purpose for which you interact with us. We may process your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • Providing our services and products to you including sending you customer demand alerts, calendar alerts, relevant search results, recommended services and/or owners’ information (as the case may be), and other social media communication facilities.
  • Protecting our Users and providing you with customer support.
  • We use information collected from cookies and other technologies, to improve your user experience and the overall quality of our services. When showing you tailored ads, we will not associate an identifier from cookies or similar technologies with sensitive categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or health.
  • Improving the Platform and its content to provide better features and services.
  • Conducting market research and surveys with the aim of improving our products and services.
  • Sending you information about our products and services for marketing purposes and promotions;
  • Preventing, detecting, investigating, and taking action against crimes (including but not limited to fraud and other financial crimes), any other illegal activities, suspected fraud, or violations of Bizease’s Terms of Use in any jurisdiction
  • To the extent required for identity verification, government sanctions screening, and due diligence checks.
  • Establishing, exercising, or defending legal rights in connection with legal proceedings (including any prospective legal proceedings) and seeking professional or legal advice in relation to such legal proceedings.

Voluntary Disclosure: The JS confirms, agrees, and acknowledges that he/she is providing their information/details/personally identifiable data with Bizease for the creation of the Business Profile voluntarily. The JS also confirms and acknowledges that they have been disclosed for the purpose of the submission of the information/data and accordingly agree/consent to the terms and conditions applicable upon the JS as stipulated by Bizease from time to time.

The veracity of Information: The JS hereby confirms, agrees, and acknowledges that he/she has provided true and correct information/details/personally identifiable data to Bizease for the creation of their Business and Service Profile™. JS acknowledges that the information/ data provided by JS to Bizease is correct, complete, and updated in all respects at all times and does not contain any false, distorted, manipulated, fraudulent, or misleading facts or averments. Bizease will not be liable for any misrepresentation/incorrect facts, etc. that are provided by the JS and each JS shall be entirely responsible & liable for the veracity of the information shared with Bizease for the creation of the Candidate Profile™. JS acknowledges the fact that Bizease will rely upon the information/data provided (by the JSs to Bizease) and accordingly share the information of the JS(s) with interested 3rd parties/clients. The JS(s) agree(s) to bear the sole risk and responsibility for the information provided including the veracity and accuracy thereof and also agree(s) to indemnify Bizease for all losses incurred by Bizease due to any false, distorted, manipulated, fraudulent or misleading facts given by JS(s) to Bizease.

Continuing acceptance of terms and conditions: The JS acknowledges that by sharing his/her information/data or responding to any marketing communications of Bizease or creating of Candidate Profile(regardless of the level of completion); he/she has voluntarily accepted the terms and conditions applicable upon the JS from time to time including future version thereof, for which Bizease will not be responsible or liable (in any manner) to intimate the JS of the changes in the terms and conditions (at any point in time).

Packages: One of these three packages can be used by JS. The options and timing of job applications are different in all three packages. Please use only one of them. All packages have different benefits.

Waiver of Rights: The JS hereby confirms that by creation of the Business Owner Profile, the JS has granted the right to Bizease (to the exclusion / waiver of the individual JS’s rights) to (i) provide/share the information of the JS to/with the prospective employers/interested third party recruiter(s)/consultant(s) on a repeated basis based on job opportunities and requirements to keep Candidate Profile current and usable, without seeking JS’s consent each time, (ii) make calls/send SMS’s to the JS pursuant which shall not constitute unsolicited commercial communications/calls/SMS under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulations and/or any such applicable law, (iii) send e-mails to the JS pursuant to any job-related information or otherwise (iv) use the information of the Candidate Profilefor offering value-added services to the JS as well as related marketing/business activities determined by Bizease at its sole discretion, (v) share information of any/all JS with 3rd parties for purposes including but not limited to background, skill development courses to JS, etc.

By the creation of the Business Owner Profile, the JS hereby also agrees and acknowledges that he/she may also receive e-mails and/or SMSs from the prospective team and/or consultants for any service-related tasks/queries including, updating of business profile and service -++.

Grant of Permission: By the creation of the Candidate Profile™, the JS confirms that Bizease has the right to assess JS(s) eligibility/fitness for any particular job(s) based on Bizease’s proprietary tools. Further, on the basis of such assessment, Bizease has the right to infer the capabilities and skills of the JS(s) vis-a-vis score the JS(s) for a fit as regards any particular job(s) on a best-effort basis. The JS(s) shall at no time have any right to question and/or dispute the manner & methodology of Bizease in this regard. Bizease also has the right to revise/adjust scores based on Bizease’s internal methodology which would be based on the background, skills, preferences, and other related information disclosed by the JS(s). For illustration, a JS could face a revision of scores due to “no shows” for interviews or incorrect information given in the preparation of the Candidate Profile™. The JS(s) unequivocally agree to the manner/method for the scoring adopted by Bizease without any protest/dispute towards the same. JS will not hold Bizease liable for any such assessment and/or consequent score provided to the client of Bizease/ the prospective employer by Bizease.

Notwithstanding what has been agreed under these T&Cs, the inability of Bizease to provide suitable job opportunities to JS, shall not be considered a deficiency of service under any circumstances, at any point in time.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability: The JS understands (s) and acknowledges (s) that the creation of a Candidate Profile or any such assessment by Bizease of JS does not constitute an “interview” for any employment opportunities nor does the Candidate Profileassure/guarantee/promise (in any manner whatsoever) prospective employment to each/any JS. JS also understands (s) and acknowledges (s) that while offering such Services, Bizease is merely acting as an intermediary/facilitator between the JS and the Client of Bizease/ prospective employer. By doing so, Bizease cannot assure/guarantee the JS of any assured employment or any other aspect with regard to the prospective employment including but not limited to the description of employment, designation, the grant of benefits, quality work environment, etc. No JS shall hold Bizease responsible and/or liable in the event JS is not shortlisted for and/or fails to receive any employment opportunities and/or any response/satisfactory response from any prospective employer, pursuant to availing the recruitment services of Bizease. No JS can hold Bizease responsible for any actions/omissions that may occur inadvertently and/or due to human error and/or on the part of any prospective employer(s).

Skill Marketplace: JS understand(s) that some course provider(s)/institutes (as Clients of Bizease) may also be listing their businesses on the Job Center of Bizease, which may come up with a “growth guarantee”. The course provider(s) /institutes shall provide details/specifications as regards services/ “growth guarantee” (if applicable). In doing so/while offering such services, Bizease shall only act as a facilitator inviting JS who evince interest in the courses being listed/offered by the course provider(s)/institutes. Any interested JS shall directly approach and deal with the respective course provider regarding any fees, courses offered, timelines, business opportunities, etc. JS agrees that Bizease is not endorsing any courses or any course provider and shall not be involved in any arrangement of JS with the course provider under any circumstances. The JS agrees that courses offered would be subject to a private contract privy only to the JS and the course provider. Bizease shall not entertain/address any of JS’s grievances/claim(s), which may emerge from any arrangement that the JS may have with the course provider(s)/institutes. Bizease makes no representation or warranty as regards services/prospective growth of any JS, who opts for and completes any course of the course provider. No JS shall hold Bizease responsible and/or liable in the event JS fails to receive any business opportunities/suitable service opportunity, pursuant to completion of any of the courses of the course provider.

Bizease does not take any responsibility for any security bonds (if) demanded by the Employer(s) from the JS(s) at the time of confirmation of registration. However, it is being clarified that Bizease does not encourage such practices by the Employer(s). For purposes herein, Bizease does not have any role in the dealing(s)/arrangement(s) between the Employer(s) and JS(s).

Continued Applicability: By the creation of the Owners Profile™, the JS confirms that Bizease will keep and regard the Owners Profile™(s) to continue within the Bizease database until the particular JS contacts Bizease for the removal of the Owner Profile™. Furthermore, Bizease is not under any obligation to validate, update or revalidate the contents of the Owner Profile of any JS and it is the obligation of the JS to voluntarily update his/her Owner Profile with Bizease. Also, these terms and conditions (as applicable from time to time) continue to be applicable to JS until such time that JS contacts Bizease for the removal of the Owner Profile. The JS, by getting the Owner Profile done through Bizease, also agrees that the Owner Profile forms a part of Bizease’s proprietary database which can be shared with Bizease’s prospective clients including any employers at any point in time. Bizease cannot be held liable for sharing any data with clients or other unrelated 3rd parties if the JS does not voluntarily remove their Owner Profile from Bizease’s proprietary database.

Opt-out: In case JS intends to remove his/her Owner Profile from the Bizease database and/or does not want the same to be shared with any particular section of Clients of Bizease and/or wants to discontinue use of services of Bizease, then JS shall be required to give reasonable prior notice to that effect in writing to Bizease.

No Claim: The package selected by the JS is obliged to pay the price of that package and the JS can apply for as many jobs as the prescribed job application for the package at the same time. There will be no refund of any fees paid by the JS on the job portal ( Neither can a JS claim Bizease for a package fee as they are chosen by them.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction: All disputes/differences of any JS with regards to Bizease and/or the Services, shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of India and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Kurukshetra (Haryana) only.